Quality from the World's largest Pipe Prefabrication Plant


Innovative Fendium pipe is produced at MV Pipe Technologies, a company of the Minimax Viking group, in the world's largest pipe prefabrication plant in the fire protection industry. This factory is unique due its size and the cutting-edge technologies and procedures employed.

MV Pipe Technologies

In a highly integrated and automated process, simple steel pipes are turned into custom-made distribution and branch pipes – according to the system planning and with the desired surface treatment and color. Using prefabricated pipes, the entire piping for water-based suppression systems can be installed quickly and efficiently on the construction site.

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Chemical Process

Fendium pipe is steel pipe with a special polymer protecting it against corrosion both outside and inside. In contrast to paint and powder coating, the polymer protection is formed in a chemical process unifying polymer and steel.

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