Quality from the World's largest Pipe Prefabrication Plant

In a highly integrated and automated process, simple steel pipes are turned into custom-made distribution and branch pipes – according to the system planning and with the desired surface treatment and color. Using prefabricated pipes, the entire piping for water-based suppression systems can be installed quickly and efficiently on the construction site.


To ensure that cut edges and weld seams are protected with the polymer as well, each pipe receives its individual shape with suitable connections and welded outlets first. To this end, MV Pipe Technologies uses state-of-the-art welding and plasma cutting technologies and sets new standards for welding seam precision.

Fendium Bäder

After mechanical processing, the corrosion-protective polymer is formed on the outside as well as on the inside of each steel pipe in a patented procedure. After the polymer enhancement the pipe is black – however, by adding an outer powder coating, Fendium pipe can be delivered in other colors as well.

The entire process is particularly environmentally friendly. All liquids used for surface treatment are water-based and are continuously recycled. Heat and electricity are generated efficiently and sustainably in the internal co-generation unit. The extended lifespan of Fendium pipe also contributes to a reduced environmental footprint.
The environmental management system of MV Pipe Technologies meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO14001:2015.

The capacities available at MV Pipe Technologies, the automated processes in the plant and the high quality of the prefabricated pipe enable the installers to install even large fire suppression systems smoothly and fast.