The answer to corrosion issues


Fire suppression systems typically remain unused for many years, and fortunately in most cases, they are never needed at all. Nevertheless they must be ready for operation at any time. Corrosive conditions are often present in the piping of water-based suppression systems, which may cause not only perforation of the pipes, but also deposits, that can reduce internal diameters. That`s why Fendium pipe is enriched with a special polymer that provides lasting protection against corrosion.

Corrosion issues

Corrosion in steel pipes used traditionally for water-based suppression systems comes in many forms: Pitting corrosion causes perforation and rust-through. Surface corrosion leads to rough surfaces, encrustations and deposits that increase pipe friction and reduce the clear cross-section of the pipes. Corrosion deposits may come loose and cause clogging.

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Fendium to avoid corrosion

Fendium polymer-enhanced steel pipe is the answer to corrosion issues in water-based suppression systems. They feature a special polymer protecting them against corrosion both on the outside and the inside. Independent test laboratories confirm that the polymer provides a high level of resistance against corrosive influences.

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Fendium series & application range

Fendium pipe can be used for almost all types of water-based suppression systems. It is available with different levels of polymer protection suited to the respective corrosive conditions.

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