Fendium to avoid Corrosion

Fendium Polymer-Enhanced Steel Pipe is the answer to corrosion issues in water-based suppression systems. They feature a special polymer protecting them against corrosion both on the outside and the inside. Independent test laboratories confirm that the polymer provides a high level of resistance against corrosive influences.

When used as intended, Fendium pipe has a significantly longer lifespan than pipe that is untreated on the inside. Fendium Pipe comes with a 10-year guarantee against rust-through– a guarantee that far exceeds the statutory warranty obligations and industry standards.

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Fendium is approved by both VdS Schaden­verhütung and FM Global.

Even after long-term use, the surfaces of Fendium pipe are similarly smooth as those of plastic pipe and widely free of deposits that reduce the inside diameters. For this reason, both VdS Schadenverhütung and FM Global have confirmed the favorable Hazen-Williams coefficient (C-value) of 140 with Fendium pipe for the purpose of hydraulic calculations. In contrast, the C-value of galvanized or internally untreated steel pipes is 120 or even only 100 for internally untreated steel pipes in dry pipe systems according to FM. The higher the C-value, the lower the pressure loss. This means that with Fendium, in many cases the suppression system can be designed with smaller pipes or smaller pumps requiring less space. In addition, smaller pipes weigh less making installation easier.

Fendium is the sustainable, dependable, and efficient pipe for water-based suppression systems.

Simply the better pipe

  • The polymer provides lasting protection to the steel pipe against corrosion both outside and inside.
  • Long life, 10-year guarantee against rust-through*
  • Low pipe friction allows the use of smaller pipes or smaller pumps in many cases.
  • Smaller pipes weigh less and are therefore easier to install.
  • Less space is required due to smaller pipes or smaller pumps.
  • Polymer and steel are unified differentiating from painting and powder coating.
  • Quality from the world's largest pipe prefabrication plant in the fire protection industry
  • Available with different levels of polymer protection suited for different corrosive conditions
  • Fendium pipes are approved by VdS and FM.
10-year guarantee* *Subject to agreementLower pipe frictionLower weight