Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

What differentiates the polymer enhancement of Fendium pipes from traditional coatings?

The connection between the polymer and the steel pipe is quite different to that of traditional coatings. With Fendium there is a strong mechanical and chemical bond which results in the polymer remaining on the steel pipe and a non-destructive removal of the polymer from the steel pipe is not possible.

What long-term experience exists with the polymer enhancement of Fendium pipes?

Such polymer enhancements have protected different types of products in various challenging applications, e.g. in the automotive industry, for more than 40 years. Polymer-enhancing of pipes is a new application for the technology only made possible now due to intensive development work.

Does the polymer enhancement hamper screwing sprinkler heads into welded sockets?

No, screwing in the sprinklers is not difficult as the polymer enhancement is taken into account at the factory and therefore allows the sprinklers to be installed.

How is the enhanced corrosion protection of Fendium pipes proven?

In addition to the long experience that polymer enhancement technology has experienced with other challenging applications, e.g. in the automotive industry, the enhanced corrosion protection has been proven in harsh environmental tests according to international standards. Independent test laboratories, accredited to EN ISO/IEC 17025, have conducted, among others, salt spray tests according to EN ISO 9227. Therefore, a voluntary guarantee is given, that exceeds the legal warranty and industry standards by far.

What evidence is there to support the improved C-factor?

The enhanced corrosion resistance and the resulting improved C-factor has been tested and approved by external institutes, for example VdS who carried out flow tests before and after severe ageing and corrosion test.
(see also whitepaper “How to Avoid Corrosion in Sprinkler Piping”, PDF)

What does „Fendium“ stand for?

Fendium is a registered trademark and expresses its high durability against corrosion attacks and its permanently smoother surface.

Why is a powder-coating offered in addition to the polymer enhancement?

The polymer enhancement of Fendium pipes alone provides the targeted corrosion protection. If the black standard color does not fit into the overall color scheme of the facility, any RAL color can be provided by means of an additional external powder coating.

Do the couplings still fit onto the pipes, if the pipes are being polymer-surfaced and additionally powder-coated?

All the usual pipe couplings can be mounted on such Fendium steel pipes.

When using Fendium pipes, are there different hanging material spacing requirements compared to traditional powder coated or galvanized steel pipes?


Is a different amount of sealant needed for screwing sprinklers into polymer-enhanced welded sockets compared to welded sockets of traditional powder coated or galvanized steel pipes?


Can pipes with polymer enhancement be ordered for special extinguishing systems?

Fendium is currently only approved for use in water extinguishing systems and is recognized for these systems only by the relevant approval bodies.